Day 21

I just got home from my day at school and holy cow today was stressful. I had to sit for 2 hours through everyone’s presentations in class, but we ran out of time and now I have to wait two more weeks. I feel like she’s going to be wicked harsh on me about grading now because of that.

My second class of the day was anatomy lab and we did a necropsy on a recently deceased female dog. The smells were atrocious! I’ll never complain about the smell of formalin ever again! It was pretty cool getting to see everything the way it should be, although the blood and coagulated and looked like jello. That was definitely not what I expected.

Ended the day with a double feature at school starting with We’re the Millers followed by Elysium. They both were pretty good, but I think I liked Elysium more. I’m usually not an action movie fan because I either get lost or just lose interest. This movie I paid attention to the entire time! I even cried a little at the end, not going to lie.


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