Day 17


I found a hay turkey on my way up to grandma’s house. It was adorable and I just had to stop and get a picture of it 🙂

So today was relatively uneventful. I took a road trip with my mom to grab a few things she forgot to get, or couldn’t because she had all three of my sister’s kids. We saw 4 dead deer along the way and one was even in the middle of traffic! That’s the most dead ones I’ve seen in quite awhile.

My mom also found out today that I have yet to visit my grandma’s grave. I haven’t been to either of them though. I don’t know how to handle death and I know that if I were to go, I’d have to go alone. I can’t cry in front of anyone. 😦

On a completely unrelated note, I’m horribly lonely. I think that if this kid that keeps staring at me ever talks to me, that I might just go out on a date with him. I crave male attention right now for some reason.


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