Day 16

So my somewhat important news, I’m going to take down my POF profile tomorrow. I’m simply just not ready to start anything and with school it’s damn near impossible to get time to hang out with a person. I feel bad, but at the same time I don’t want to lead anyone else on.

Anywho, so today I managed to write my 1000 word paper on Frankenstein and how I believe that the creature was just a schizophrenic delusion. It was a fun paper to write, and I even managed to get a touché from my friend Nick! That was probably my biggest achievement right there. I’m so glad that Noni made me sit down and write it all out, because then she proof read and adjusted my sometimes redundant writing. I’m lucky to have the best support system in my friends and family when it comes to school! I can’t wait to finally have my AA degree in my hands!


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