Day 15

So today was a grab bag of mixed things. First I went to school to talk to a counselor about graduating with my AA degree and I have until the 27th to apply! I’m so excited! I know my grandma would be so proud and that both her and my Grammy are smiling down on me for this accomplishment. ♥♡♥

Second, I finally met POF guy in person. I don’t know though now if I’m ready for a relationship yet. He is really great and seems to really like me, but there just wasn’t that spark. I guess because he’s older? I don’t know, it just was very awkward. He told me that after our meeting the ball was in my court, but then texted me saying he would like to pursue a relationship. Very mixed signals for me. To top it off, there’s a guy in SGA that I could see myself dating possibly. Only he’s younger than me so that’s just…

I’m not ready for this!


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