Day 13

So tonight I had my first conversation on the phone with the guy from POF. He seems really fun and sweet, and our sense of humor is pretty much the same. If anything, I think we’d be great friends if there’s no real attraction. I’m kind of glad that we’re taking things slow, it’s not something I’m used to and it’s really nice! I like getting to know people for who they are more than anything, which is why my friends are lifelong and very close.

On another note, today in class I finally got the teacher to ask for cats so that we could have more hands on with them since my group hasn’t had one all semester. It was fabulous! We got the tuxedo cat, which unfortunately she reminded me of my cat Kitty who was put down this past summer, but she was just as sweet as she could be! She was very quiet and didn’t really move around a lot, and had a few minor health issues (ear mites being the worst) and she was just so easy to perform all the tests we needed to do on her. I held her down while the other girl drew blood from her, which she wasn’t too keen on, and I was so proud that she got it on her first try! Last week she got discouraged when she tried to get blood on our puppy and couldn’t. My next attempt will hopefully be soon! I got some from our puppy several weeks ago, but I want to try a cat now. I feel like cats are just easier and I want to see if I’m right about that or not.


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