Day 10

Last night was definitely not what I was expecting! I think that, since I stopped working the HOS circuit, I don’t really belong amongst them anymore. Not only that, but I went to the club that used to be my favorite haunt when I was younger and felt out of place.

It’s weird. Some of my best memories were with these friends, and some of the best nights I don’t remember were at that club.

I guess I’m glad then that I moved to a different city now. I’m starting out a new life and trying to move on from those days, and then he showed up. I had a strong crush on him when I first met him, but we just didn’t really click at the time. He recently lost a lot of weight for health reasons and looks fantastic! Well last night he spent almost the entire night with me instead of mingling and hanging out with his friends.

I don’t know what to do anymore! It’s always one thing or another between us. Now it’s distance. Being that I live so far away makes it impossible for me to pursue anything with him since he doesn’t drive. 😦 I’ve contemplated just sleeping with him, and last night would have been easy to do so, but I don’t want to lose another friend because of that.

President of the lonely singles Club.


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