Day 7

Well today ended in a way I never expected!

So what had happened was, after my last class of the day (which had a pop quiz that I legit did not pass and I know this!) I headed back home to my parent’s house so that I could take my dad to his doctor’s appointment tomorrow. All was well and good, traffic was clear and I made good time. The problem arose when I walked into the house.

Let me set this up a little bit, my dad had a brain stem stroke earlier this year and has trouble still with some basic things but he’s getting a lot better with time. Unfortunately he’s always had this thing where he uses a bobby pin to clean the earwax out of his ears. Normally this isn’t an issue, but lately he’s been doing it a lot and today he managed to scrape a huge chunk of his ear canal out! It definitely wasn’t what I thought I’d walk in to find tonight, but you have to roll with the punches sometimes. He finally confessed to me what he did, which he wouldn’t say anything to mom but rather claim he didn’t know what happened.

After dinner I had him remove the tissue that he’d left in, which removed the clot that had formed and it started bleeding again. Thankfully he let me clean it up and poor some hydrogen peroxide into his ear to clean it up a little more. I only did a couple drops twice when he decided he was done, but it stopped bleeding enough to satisfy myself as well.

It’s definitely an adventure having older parents, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world! I love my parents and would never for anything to change (except my dad having a stroke part!). Just another day in the adventure called life I guess!


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