Day 4 – Prompt it Up!

Tell us about a favorite character from film, theater, or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?

I have two characters that I would love to have a lovely chat with actually! The first would be Lestat de Lioncourt from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle novels, and the second would be Dizzy from the Gears of War videogame series.

I’d want to chat with Lestat about everything! I want to be engulfed in his world and hear all his tales first hand. I wasn’t impressed with how Tom Cruise portrayed him at all, and in fact Stuart Townsend did a rather impeccable rendition, but I will always love Lestat the way he is in the novels. Everything he’s seen and been through, I crave to know what that must have felt like! Especially his time in another body and how it truly felt to be human after being a vampire for so long. 

I’d also want to talk with Dizzy because he’s always been my favorite character in that series, ever since he was introduced to me in Gears of War 2. I want to read the graphic novels about his story as well, and maybe someday I will. For now I’m content in the monologue conversation I have with him as we take out the locust scum on the battlefield!


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